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Apr. 1st, 2016 05:15 pm
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Nov. 7th, 2015 03:26 pm
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"It's Stefan. Leave a message."

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Nov. 14th, 2014 01:00 pm
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Age: physically, 22 years; chronologically, 168
Ship & Rank: Captain of the S.S. Paisley
Augment: Lab Support
Medical Info: He's a healthy young man who gets plenty of exercise and looks it. Additionally, Stefan practices Islam, so he doesn't consume pork or alcohol. In the event someone doesn't respect his religion, he will claim to be allergic to both. He's also deadly allergic to vervain (as are all TVD-verse vampires).

  • Mind Compulsion: Stefan can stare into a human's eyes and force him/her into doing Stefan's bidding. He can also make them forget the entire thing (as well as erase their memories, etc).
  • Dream Manipulation: Stefan can enter humans' dreams and alter them as he sees necessary. This is an extension of vampires' natural telepathic abilities - and if someone's aware that he's waltzed into their subconscious, they can force him out.
  • Super-Strength and Super-Speed: Stefan's no Superman, but to the naked eye, he's a complete blur who can lift far more than the average human.
  • Heightened Senses: Stefan can feel things more deeply than the average human, as well as hear, see, touch, and taste things better.
  • Immortality: Stefan can only die if staked through the heart, if set on fire, or bitten by a werewolf. All other attempts will fail. In addition, he doesn't age (and will forever remain 22).

Notes for the Psychics: PM me for squicky stuff like "mindrape," but if you're reading his mind to uncover a tiramisu recipe? Go for it. The important thing is that Stefan's brain jumps from English to Italian to Arabic and back. He doesn't think in one coherent language, so it might be hard to get a good read on him.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: If it's for something minor (ie, spitting on him)? Go for it! For something more serious (like a bodyswap), PM me and we'll talk it out.
Injure: Of course! He heals fast, but feel free to try.
Maim/Murder/Death: Case-by-case basis. I'd prefer to avoid permadeath, but we can talk about situations that would land him in the hospital.
Kissing/Hugging: Yes! Stefan will be flustered by kisses, but hugs and other platonic forms of physical contact are okay.
Romance: He's not looking for a significant other at this point in time. Unrequited crushes are fine!
Cooking: Stefan's a fantastic cook, specializing in Italian & Arabic dishes (think hummus, pesto, ma'amoul, mansaf, etc.). His Italian and Jordanian roots demanded it!

Threadjacking: Go for it unless it's filtered to Stefan and/or supposed to be a private conversation.
Backtagging: YES PLEASE. Feel free to keep a thread going for weeks or months if need be! You're also free to tag old posts, though I may be slow to respond.
Fourthwalling: Yes!
Canon Puncturing: Please do! Stefan may think you're crazy (talking about him like he's a fictional character), but if your character would have reason to think he's fictional OR if your character has canonically mentioned TVD (the novels, the show, or the terribad computer game), bring it on. I live for these moments.

Potential Topic Warnings: Stefan practices Sunni Islam, and often encountered rampant Islamophobia in his day-to-day life. As he touches upon real-world issues, please let me know if you'd like him to refrain from religious language, racism, or prejudice/discrimination that he experienced during his time in StE. (TVD canon is rather oblivious to its rampant discrimination; Stefan is now aware of it, but was not in the show proper.)

Permissions regarding Stefan's powers )
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The Interfaith Center is a building along the coast of Itinere dedicated to spiritual and religious pursuits - meditation, prayer, and spiritual/religious discussions are all welcome here. With high ceilings and big windows to accommodate the beauty of outer space, the area is centered on improving one's mental health through prayers and rituals.

The Center comprises of several, smaller spaces inside a much larger "Center." Upon entering, all patrons must take their shoes off. While Stefan has provided storage for said shoes, it's up to the patrons to figure out if they'll wear socks or their own slippers around the space.

Weekly services are held: an interfaith service on Thursdays and jumu'ah [Muslim prayer services] on Fridays. Upon request, Stefan also teaches Qur'anic verse as well as basic Earth theology and/or religious studies.

Cut for length. )
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In [community profile] savetheearth, characters - often known as "Numbered" in-game - receive memories in the form of "Echoes." While Stefan received seventeen Echoes over the course of his time in StE, he continues to receive Echoes through his augment in Drift Fleet!

To read about the Echoes he earned in StE, check his info post.

Changes from Canon:
Have a Little Faith: Stefan was raised half-Christian, half-Muslim, but formally reverted when he was eighteen years old. His faith is by far the biggest thing that separates him from canon!Stefan, as it influences not only romantic relationships & dietary habits, but also little details (murmuring prayers, saying bismillah when he enters a room, taking his shoes off at the door).

Trilingual and Proud: Stefan is now fluent in English, Italian, and Arabic. Arabic is his native tongue, and should the translators fail, Fleet people will realize he speaks it all the time. He also tellingly writes in Arabic, more so in his diaries than in public.

Older and Wiser: Stefan was physically 22 when he was turned into a vampire. [Icon-wise, this means nothing.]

Family Means Ohana: Stefan Alesci has two siblings - Damon Alesci (a heart surgeon) and Olette Alesci (a high school student). He also has a sister-in-law, Bonnie Bennett, and a young niece, Inara Alesci. (Alesci's parents are also alive and well, though only mentioned in the context of grandbabies.) He's incredibly close to them, and won't stand for people insulting them.

(Canonically, he has an older brother in Damon Salvatore; all other family members are out of the picture.)

For Science!: His Princeton degree is in EEB (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology) and he was a second year medical student in [community profile] savetheearth. Stefan is a huge biology nerd, relating his medical knowledge to his current predicament (and sometimes, the conclusions he draws aren't so great). His biggest priority: to get his hands on the cure for vampirism so that he can re-create it in his lab.

Tealust: Until he remembers the Ripper, Stefan's bloodlust has been subdued; instead, he's chemically addicted to caffeine (specifically, black tea with milk). While he's not much for coffee, he almost always has a mug of tea in hand.

Friends are My Power: Heavily, heavily believes in the power of friendship and communication between friends. Doesn't like to hole himself up unless he's really depressed about something and/or writing about something in his diaries. That said, he's picky about who he befriends.

Jersey Pride: Stefan Alesci was raised in Locke City, New Jersey and is subsequently super proud of where he lived. Currently, he lives in Amman, Jordan (thanks alien invasion); in PSLs, he attends medical school in New Dale, Georgia.

Item Synthesis: Acquired in-game; Stefan can now re-create gels from the Tales Of series. If you ever need apple, orange, pineapple, lemon, or melange gels? This is your guy. Gels don't heal serious, life-threatening injuries, but they otherwise work according to Tales principles.

Underwater Breathing: Acquired in-game; Stefan can now magically breathe underwater, as a result of assisting the Dasioe in March 2017.

Key Memories He Lacks:
  • Most Ripper memories. (He remembers Lexi slamming him into a car door, and he remembers being addicted to something "worse than black tea." He doesn't know much beyond that.)
  • Memories of the Mikaelson clan [any mention of them will not register in his brain]
  • Memories of his intense hatred for Tyler Lockwood (He knows he hates Tyler. He's not sure what the poor werewolf did to deserve it.)
  • Memories of Damon & Elena's romantic relationship.
  • How he and Elena broke up to begin with.
  • Memories beyond his technical canonpoint (5x22 6x05)
  • Early childhood (from 1847-1864) memories, as well as most memories prior to 2009

Echoes for the whole family )
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"It's Stefan. Leave a message and I'll get back to you when I can."

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Need to reach me for any rhyme or reason (including to give me criticism on how I play Stefan) and PMs just aren't cutting it for you? This is the place to reach me.

Comments are screened; anonymous commenting IS enabled; IP logging is turned off.
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Name: Stefan Yunus Alesci
Pre-Incarnated Name: Stefan Salvatore
Age: 24 (DOB: November 5th, 1992); physically 22
Pre-Incarnation Age: 17 physically, 167 chronologically
Canon: The Vampire Diaries (television show + comic book tie-in)
Appearance: Played by Paul Wesley

Occupation: Medical school student; volunteer at local masjid Princeton undergraduate student; summer intern at Locke City's interfaith association

NB: Stefan's involved in non-Numbered religious affairs at the youth & college level. If religious talk bothers you at any point in time, please let me know!

Full Application: an immortal teenager finally grows up.

Echoes Received:
1st Echo- (Tier 2, Item)
Stefan earned his large, lapis lazuli ring back. (Outside of Echo boundaries, it looks like a simple silver band.)

2nd Echo- (Tier 1, Ability)
Stefan regained mind compulsion, or the ability to coerce people into perform his commands. They WILL remember that he forced them into doing it, however. It only works on humans ("muggles"); other supernatural creatures are immune to its effects.

3rd Echo- (Tier 2 (for the month of December), Memory)
Stefan recalls meeting his pre-incarnation's older brother (who looks almost exactly like Xander), along with a brutal fight where they were forced out a window - and the older brother warning Stefan not to mess with him.

4th Echo - (Tier 2 [Seeing the pink lights on TV], Memory)
Stefan recalls using compulsion on another girl, so she would forget that someone [Stefan's older brother] attacked her. With this memory, he also gains knowledge of how compulsion works [but not its full ability].

5th Echo - Tier 1, Memory (triggered by physical proximity to Xander)
Stefan recalls a conversation between him and Damon, where Stefan wonders how his father "took the news that [Stefan and his brother] are dead." He still doesn't recall Damon's name, but he realizes that he was transitioning into a vampire & how "feeding" will complete the ritual.

tl;dr, Stefan remembers the conversation where he's trying to convince Damon to transition into a vampire, and that he became one for Katherine's sake.

6th Echo - (Tier 1, Memory)
Stefan remembers meeting HIS canon doppelganger Silas for the first time (at the edge of town) the day Stefan graduates high school. Silas reveals his true form as Stefan's doppelganger, and then proceeds to stab Stefan and ask him to "imagine what it would like to be trapped for 2,000" years. While Stefan's in pain, Silas then pushes Stefan into a giant safe and drowns him underneath the nearby lake. This occurs in Episode 4.22.

7th Echo - (Tier 1, Memory)
Stefan regained knowledge of his world's doppelgangers: only two lines exist (Petrova's and Silas's lines), created to restore natural balance as they were the first two immortals in human history. They essentially represent mortality - they, after all, are shadow selves of immortal beings who can die. They're also soulmates who find each other every 500 years.

8th Echo - (Tier 1, Ability)
Stefan regained the second half of mind compulsion: now, he can cause non-powered people to forget what he asked of them.

9th Echo - (Tier 1, Memory)
Stefan encounters Katherine Pierce at a masquerade ball, where they play mind games with each other, as Katherine had just compelled someone to stab herself. Stefan doesn't want anyone to get hurt, and tells her point-blank that he will ensure that no one dies tonight. At the end of their conversation (+ dance), Katherine distracts him by confessing her love. This happens in S2E7.

10th Echo - (Tier 2 (for March), Ability)
Stefan regains his super-speed. He's nowhere near as fast as a comic book speedster, but to the naked human eye, he's a blur. (He can also outrun fully-transformed werewolves and most supernatural creatures from his world - I'd pin this speed at approximately 45 mph/hr?) He can also carry a passenger with him while running (and give them protection from the turbulence / friction caused by his running).

11th Echo - (Tier 1, skill)
Knowledge of hand-to-hand combat.

12th Echo - (Tier 1, memory)
Stefan remembers risking his life - diving into a burning building and nearly dying, all in the name of saving the person he loved most: his older brother, Damon Salvatore.

13th Echo - (Tier 2, ability)
Stefan regained a superhuman sense of hearing, as well as his first weakness - vervain. Merely touching the herb will now cause his skin to burn.

14th Echo - (Tier 1, memory)
Cooking experience, primarily with more complicated Italian cuisine (than he would've learnt from his father). He also remembers trying to teach his human girlfriend how to cook said dishes, only to realize she should never be allowed in the kitchen.

15th Echo - (Tier 1, memory)
Stefan regained knowledge that the government of Mystic Falls, the Founders' Council, hated supernatural creatures - and that they wouldn't hesitate to stake vampires (or kill werewolves) if it ensured the town's safety.

16th Echo - [Tier 2 (for April), ability]
Stefan has now (unfortunately) gained the inability to die unnaturally, with the price that he must drink on blood to survive.

Abilities Returned:
Mind Compulsion: (2 Tier 1) Stefan has the ability to stare directly into non-powered people's eyes and compel them into performing his bidding. He can also cause them to forget all memory of their conversation(s).

Super-Speed: (Tier 2) Stefan's nowhere near as fast as a comic book speedster, but to the naked human eye, he's a blur. (He can also outrun fully-transformed werewolves and most supernatural creatures from his world - I'd pin this speed at approximately 45 mph/hr?) He can also carry a passenger with him while running (and give them protection from the turbulence / friction caused by his running).

Superhearing: (Tier 1) Heightened sense; Stefan can pick up on audial cues that the average person can't.

Weakness to Vervain: Touching vervain, or even ingesting it, will cause Stefan to violently (and painfully) react to it as if he has a severe and life threatening emergency.

Inability to die: Stefan can now only die if he's staked through the heart or bitten by a werewolf. All other attempts will fail.

Items Returned:
Lapis Lazuli Ring: Earned through his first echo, this ring protects Stefan from burning in the daylight. (Since he never regained his weakness to sunlight, it just looks pretty.)
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"It's Stefan. Leave a message and I'll get back to you when I can."

network number; email; skype/viber/similar phone apps; texting etc. all work, just let me know which one you're using along with the time!
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